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Common Questions:

What is the Single Dad Club?

SingleDad.Club is a membership organization with the goal of empowering single dads to be successful parents.


Our members receive discounts at amusement parks, movie theaters, mini-golf, laser tag, museums, zoos, aquariums, and so much more!


Plus, we provide additional FREE resources such as information on college savings, easy one-pot meal recipes, parenting forums, and custom email reminders before birthdays and holidays.

We take the guess work out of buying gifts by keeping you informed on the top selling products among kids that match your children’s age, gender, and interests.


Check out our blog for advice and ideas on everything from kid-friendly travel to how to have those uncomfortable conversations that every parent dreads.

Come and join our community!

Why join the Single Dad Club?

Single Dad Club members receive endless benefits and savings on every experience you could ever want to share with your children. Discounts on movie tickets, ski resorts, water parks, amusement parks, concerts, and sporting events; are just the beginning.


The savings continue with other helpful things that make parenting easier; such as meal-prep kits and fresh produce delivery, gym memberships and home fitness equipment, academic support, vision care, life insurance, college textbooks, SAT test prep, and so much more. 

But the Single Dad Club is more than discounts and savings. The best reason for joining can be summed up in one word.


Let's face it, parenting isn't easy. But the good news is that we all share the same challenges. The Single Dad Club offers the chance to learn from each others experiences and be there for each other through the more difficult times. 

Our community is strong, but we could always use one more!

How much does the Single Dad Club cost?

Membership to the Single Dad Club is very affordable. Our chapter members pay $5 a month and our Members At-Large can buy a one-year membership for just $39.95; BUT the more years you buy, the more money you save! For example, our three-year at-large membership is just $79.95, and our five-year at-large membership is just $99 dollars!


You can even buy a lifetime at-large membership for $150!

Plus, you'll quickly find that the discount and savings pay for themselves; and who can really put a price on the memories you'll be making with your children?

Who can join the Single Dad Club?

We may call ourselves the Single Dad Club but in reality we exist for parents and families of all kinds. This includes single mothers, married couples, LGBT families, grandparents, aunts, uncles; and everyone else we forgot to mention. 

We exclude no one.


We believe that "Dad" is the most privileged title a man can hold; and it's our job to help them be their best.

Our Mission

SingleDad.Club was founded to create a community for single dads who want to be the best fathers that they can be. We provide resources, facilitate communication among community members, and empower single dads to be successful parents.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Although we exist primarily for single dads, we aim to build an INCLUSIVE community for parents and families of all types. 

We welcome single moms, aunts, uncles, grandparents; and anyone else who would like to join our community. 

Come and join our community!

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