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3 Easy ways to repair bad credit

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Let's face it. Life is expensive; and fatherhood doesn't make it any cheaper.

One missed child support payment can reek havoc on your credit and make life cost more than it needs to.

And let's not even mention divorce lawyers....

But don't loose hope!

There are a few easy steps you can take that will put you on the path toward a better credit score!

  1. Hire a credit repair service. It won't take more than a google search to find someone who's willing to take your money for the promise of raising your credit score. But the fact is that some services are better than others; and it's important to use a reputable one. I've personally seen excellent results through Lexington Law. They have their own app, so monitoring your success is easy; and they get results.

  2. Protect your identity. This is one of those instances where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nothing can destroy your credit faster than having your identity stolen. Yes, you can get it fixed later, but that is a very slow process and life can get very expensive in the interim. Lifelock does a great job at keeping your information safe; and will make things right if something manages to happen anyway. Besides, when kids are involved, it's better to play it safe.

  3. Get your taxes done right. Make no mistake about it. The IRS can ruin your life. They can levy your bank account and/or garnish your wages in order to get their money; and they will, and that can have major consequences on the rest of your finances... and your credit score. But the good news is that most issues with the IRS and totally avoidable. All you need is a decent tax professional or some good software to walk you through the process. I recommend Free Tax USA.

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