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How to Tie a Fishing Knot

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Improved clinch knot: (For tying line to a hook)

  1. Thread the fishing line through the end of the hook.

  2. Wrap the loose end around the hook at least 5 times. Each loop should be further away from the hook than the loop before it.

  3. Thread the loose end of the line through the loop closest to the eye of the hook.

  4. Pull both ends of the line until its tight around the hook.

  5. Trim off any excess line if necessary.

Palomar Knot: (for tying line to a hook)

  1. Grab the line about 6 inches away from the end to make a 'bight' and pass the bight through the eye of the hook.

  2. Tie an overhand knot around the eye of the hook.

  3. Pass the loop you just made over the end of the hook.

  4. Pull on the line to tighten.

  5. Trim off any excess line.

Turle Knot: (for tying thin line to a small hook)

  1. Run the line through the eye of the hook and then tie a double overhand knot in the line so as to create a loop.

  2. Pass the loop over the hook and pull on the line to tighten

Blood Knot: (for joining two sections of line together)

  1. Line up the ends of the lines so that they overlap by several inches

  2. Wrap the first line around the second line at least 5 times.

  3. Wrap the second line around the first line at least 5 times as well.

  4. Bring both ends back to the middle between the two lines.

  5. Pull tightly on each line until the knot is tight

Triple Surgeon's Loop: (for forming a loop at the end of a line)

  1. Grab the line somewhere in the middle and tie a single overhand knot on a bight; but do NOT pull the knot tight

  2. Pass the loop through the hole in the overhand knot one more time.

  3. Moisten the knot, and pull it tight.

Wire Line to Mono Knot: (for attaching wire line to monofilament)

  1. Fold about 4 inches of wire line back over itself to create a bight

  2. Lay your monofilament line over the bight in the wire line and then wrap in around the bight several times and pass the monofilement line through the resulting loop at the bottom of the wire line.

  3. Pull the monofilament line to tighten the knot

Sources: 8 Fishing Knots to Know ( You Can Fish For Anything in the World with these 5 Easy Knots (

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